"This chocolate is still bought last year. It is the kind of online long grass. I bought a box of 1 kg, divided into TWO bag 500g per bag. It tastes very good. However, delicious chocolate can not eat more. If you don't say how to eat, I also feel tired. Although the remaining bag is disassembled, it can only have a refrigerator. Occasionally. This day I want to make a bread, suddenly thinking, chocolate You can put it in, oh, you can digest these chocolates, but it is really wasteful. "


Main material high powder 250g, chocolate 2 capsules, excipient salt amount, sugar amount, yeast, milk mode, color pull oil, sweet taste, baking process, ten minutes, normal difficulty, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for chocolate bread

1 chocolate isolation melting

2 Outside the color pull oil is placed in the bread machine

3 The bread machine first tween the pause, add edible oil, to expand

4 use bread machine and good, make a good dough

5 points into three copies, each serving the beef tongue

6 roll up

7 is placed in the bread machine, put the wet cloth, and then ferment it again.

8 brush oil, bake with bread machine 40 minutes


This time I used a color pull oil instead of butter, although it is ok, but there is no incense with butter. Another chocolate block needs to be steamed first.