"Learning to do a bread for a period of time, there is a time to do it in a period of time, but later play an extraordinary, all kinds of questions have, after a hard work, the soft and sweet bread is successful. "


Main material high powder 50 grams, 100 grams of milk, milk powder, 70 grams of white sugar, 70 grams of butter, 5 grams of fermented powder, salt 1 gram, excipient hot dog intestinal 1 package, color pull Sauce is appropriate amount, soup 250 grams, main dough 500 grams of high powder, sweet taste, roasted process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Hot dog sausage practice steps

1 Prepare the materials.

2 Prepare soup first, put milk and high powder and mix with a microwave.

The stirring was taken out in 3 isolated, and only the chopsticks can be drawn on top of the obvious traces and not eliminated.

4 cover the fresh film to pick up the refrigerator for more than 12 hours.

5 All the raw materials of the main dough are added together in addition to the oil outside the oil, and the soup is added to the dough.

6 pneumatic outfilm, this step of the chain machine kneading function for 45 minutes.

7 Add butter and continue to knead the surface function for 30 minutes.

8 I took it out and fell a few tens.

9 At this point, it can support very beautiful film.

10 Return to the breader fermentation function to the size of about 2 times.

11 It is a good dough to divide a small size.

12 擀 擀.

13 is pressed into a hot dog intestine, the oven fermentation function, 40 minutes.

The 14 color pull sauce is installed in a fresh bag, cut a small hole above.

15 seconds of the billet brush to brush the egg liquid.

16 squeezing the sauce sauce180 degree oven preheated 5 minutes to put the breader 180 degrees, up and down fire, middle layer, 25 minutes.

17 baked bread.


The biggest difference between the soup bread and other bread is that the starch is increased, so that the tissue of the bread is soft and elastic, which can delay aging.