Inkjet Printer i3200 XP600 1.6m 1.8m China Plotter Large Format Poster Canvas Vinyl Car Sticker Eco Solvent Printer

Nozzle Type3200-A1,3200-E1,3200-U1,XP600,EPSON five generations
Printing Speed4 pass High speed mode 25m²/hour / 28m²/hour
6 pass High speed mode 22m²/hour / 24m²/hour
Color ModeCMYK(XP600 printer head can be installed LC/LM)
Ink TypeEco-solvent ink/water-based ink/paint ink/UV ink, etc.
RIP softwareMaintop, photoprint optional
Print Format1610mm/1850mm
Media TransferUSB2.0
Media TypeAll kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising decoration materials / high-gloss photo paper / PP paper / adhesive / light film / car sticker / oil canvas / PVC film / light film / double-sided spray / knife scraping cloth / mesh cloth / glass stickers, etc.
Media TransmissionIndoor and outdoor: automatic damping feeding system
Heating EquipmentFront, middle and back three-stage heating
Power SupplyAC110v(±10%)50/60HZ:AC220v(±10%)50/60HZ
Working EnvironmentTemperature 15℃-30℃ Humidity 45%RH-80%RH
Ink supply methodContinuous ink supply system
Package Dimensions2640*685*625mm/2920*685*625mm

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