Wall decorative deep art aluminium alloy metal floats canvas with floating frames

Wall decorative deep art aluminium alloy metal floats canvas with floating frames

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Inspection Service

 Q1: What is a mat?

 A: A mat is made of paper. Your artwork sits behind the mat. Mats create a polished, classic presentation, adding depth and scale, while softening the transition from image to frame. Mats are available in a multitude of colors, textures and styles and can be custom cut to fit almost any size.

 Q2: How do I clean my PS board?

 A: Our acrylic cleaner cleans, shines and protects your framing PS board. It is anti-fog, anti-static, dust repellent and can be used on any plastic surface.

 Note: never use window glass cleaner when cleaning PS board, as it may cloud the acrylic surface over time.

 Q3: How will my frame arrive? Do I have to assemble it?

 A: Ready-Made and Custom-Made frames are shipped assembled with free hanging hardware. However, most metal frames will need to be assembled upon arrival. An easy assembly kit is included. All you need is a screwdriver.

 Q4: What is the film on my PS board?

 A: The film is a protective film on the PS board to prevent scratches and other types of damage during shipping. Removal involves peeling the film off both sides of the PS board.

 Q5: What are Ready-Made frames?

 A: A ready-made frame is a standard sized picture frame. When you order a Ready-Made frame from Anshan Zhongjda Industry, you're saving money! That's because we've preassembled these frames to fit the most popular and frequently occurring sizes for artwork, photography and documents.

 At Anshan Zhongjda Industry, these sizes include (in inches): 4×6, 12×18, 5×7, 14×18, 8×10, 12×24, 8 1/2×11, 16×20, 8×12, 18×24, 9×12, 20×24, 11×14, 20×30, 12×16, 22×28.

 Q6: What are All-Inclusive Photo Frames?

 A: Our all-inclusive, photo frames come pre-assembled with a metal frame, PS board, ready-to-hang backing board and matting for most packages. These photo and collage frames are an easy, budget friendly choice for framing standard sized photos, certificates, diplomas, children's artwork and more.


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