"Baili sweet wine is integrated with his cream and whiskey, becoming a beautiful woman. The modern women of Bailiwee, often sweet and gentle and unresolved. Today, come with me to do a hundred Sweet Pudding, no oven, as long as you use the steamer Dafa, you will taste the light wine smell of Bailey's tongue, deep intoxicated. Similarly, I will tell you how to make a tender and steaming pudding. "


Sub-protein 2, 250 grams of pure milk, 20 grams of Baili, 20 grams of sugar, sweet taste, steam process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of Belley

1 put all the ingredients in a bowl, stir even.

2 Sieve 2 to 3 times, remove impurities and foams.

3 Stay the pudding liquid to the HALF hour or so, with a spoon into the pudding bowl, and put the surface of the surface.

4 Pudding bowls cover a layer of tin foil or plastic wrap.

5 steamer is burn into the boiled, put the bowl of the pudding liquid into the bowl, cover the pot, steam for 2 minutes, then turn the small fire, steam for 10 minutes, turn the fire, and simmer for 10 minutes.

6 After leaving, you can take the fruit or leave the fruit sauce.

7 is actually a good eating.

8 Winter I like to eat hot, summer can seal the refrigerator and refrigerate, taste is great!

9 This is really a very simple and delicious pudding. As a modern woman, come with me to DIY.

10 Let us be more sweet and gentle, more confident, causing!


1. There is no pudding bowl to use a small bowl in the home, steaming time, please adjust your own. 2, how do you know that the pudding is steamed? You can insert a toothpick, you can stand if you live. Don't steam your head, there is a honeycomb, you will be big enough. 3, there is no Belle sweet, use isometric milk instead, it is the original pudding. Please adjust your own taste. 4, how do you do more 2 egg yolks? Sell ​​a clearance first and listen to the decomposition.