"When I was a child, I only had a certain scene. It was when I was sick. If she asked a sick child, she wants to eat, the answer ten eight or nine is a canned fruit can. If a child is refused to take medicine, as long as a child is refused The big people have changed from a canned fruit can, and she can also swallow. But I will clarify the first condition, while the eyes are staring at the canned can, while I will say a spoonful of medicine TWO spoon. Canned can do. Although the medicine is very bitter, the canned fruit can be very sweet. Because that can sweet delicious, when you are young, you will not be afraid of getting sick, but also a little hope to get sick. It is also amazing, it seems to have finished all medicines and fruit cans. The disease is basically good. Later, although I have eaten a variety of fresh seasonal fruits, I still miss the canned tangerines for a child. I can see the orange orange orange orange, soak in the transparent glass jar. In sweet sugar, it can't help but throat water. When you are sick, you can resolve the pain. Every pettages are wrapped in sweetness. It is the most greedy delicious and unpleasant in my childhood. It is better than any panacea. The second-bought tangerine giant acid is incomparable, throwing away and a little unfortunately, it is better to make a canned orange, let's take a look at how to do it together? "


Sign In the main material orange, accessories of rock sugar 150g, other drinking water 700ml, acid sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for oranges

1 First we have to prepare this [orange can] all the ingredients you need to use: first peel the oranges, then remove the oranges into separate orange valves. If you don't like the oranges on the oranges, you can tear off the oranges on the petals leaving only a flesh. If you feel a bit of a torn, you can accept a slight bitter bitterness, or you can not exclude.

2 Then use a toothpick to tie a few pieces of each orange pet, and you will pick up the fruit core. This step is very important, help oranges better.

3 Add a rock sugar 150g, then add 700 ml of drinking water. The component of the rock sugar can be adjusted according to the taste of personal taste. If you like the sweet mouth, add some rock sugar, you like the sour mouth, add some rock sugar.

4 big fire boiled to make the rock sugar melt, then cook for a small fire for about 5 minutes.

5 hot time, there is a little sour, let it cool or put it into the refrigerator.


1. Don't deliberately go to buy oranges to do can, you can make cans. For example, my orange is because it is too sour, it's a pity that it is unfortunately, I will take a can, just don't waste it. 2. Be careful not to use iron pot to cook oranges, acidic fruits and iron will chemically react, generate low-iron compounds, harmful to the human body. Try to cook with enamel pots, casseroles, glass pots. 3, if there is no rock sugar at home, you can replace it with sugar. 4, can drain the water-resistant glass bottle into the boiling water, drain the water, to be loaded into the glass bottle after waiting to be taken into the glass bottle, and tighten the cover, so that it can be stored well.