"Sweet grilled cloth, sleek egg paste, crispy caramel, gently knock, a delicious taste!"


Mainly egg yolk 2, sugar 25g, light cream 160ml, excipient fine sugar 30g, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Caramel Baked Brine Practice Steps

1 Prepare the material.

2 egg yolk plus sugar.

3 Slee 1-2 minutes, to the color of the color.

4 Light cream is heated, and when there is a small bubble.

5 Slowly poured into the egg paste and stirred while stirring.

6 Pour into the roasting, use a water bath method to add boiling water.

7 into the oven, bake with 150 degrees for 30-40 minutes, take it out to cool, cold 4 hours.

8 Surfaces Sprinkle a layer of fine sugar, roast the caramel with a kitchen spray.

9 knock on the caramel layer, dig down, super stick!


1. The water in the baking tray is near to boiling water, and you can get 1/2 of the roasting.2. Baked Brea will come out quickly, it is best to shake, there is a bit of birds, so it is very tender, it is fine after refrigeration.3. The spray gun should be careful, and you can take a lot of bubbles, don't be frozen.