"Autumn food is very beautiful, especially the fruit is particularly sweet, the taste is sweet, the human smoke is hot, the most well, this season always likes to do some fruit cans, eat health, more easily digested."


Main material orange, one, Apple, hawthorn, red dates, accessories of rock sugar, water is moderate, sour taste, stew process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for rock sugar fruit can

1 finished picture.

2 oranges a peeled silk, apple is a peeled, and there is a proper amount of hawthorn.

3 Apple chunk.

4 pots in the pot, add all the ingredients, boil, and turn for 10 minutes to change the fire.

5 refrigerator preservation, better consumption.

6 If you can't finish it, the container is sterilized with boiling water, the container is waterless, and the can take it into the container to sealed, the refrigerator is stored.

7 finished chart.