"When you start with this variety, we have less local planting, sell 10 pieces a kilogram, but also to quickly buy it when you are just listed, you can't buy it. Now a large amount of planting, the price is finallyDear people. I bought a few pounds, I have prepared a few days to roast. When I bought it, I see the color of the skin is very bright, the flesh is yellow. "


Into a hot potato, 300 grams of pure water, a few of the accessories Wolfberry,


Honeymoon 2 tablespoons, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Patient steps for osmanthus tap potato

1 Sweet potato wash.

2 Scrape the outer skin and cut the block.

3 In the pan, add pure water.

4 The fire boiled, cooked for 20 minutes, put it in Wolfberry.

5 honeymany.

6 put the plate, let mens.

7 is mixed well.

8 finished products.


There is a layer of flesh in the sweet potato epidermal and the flesh. It is said that the most important nutrients are in the Western flesh, so doing sweet potatoes at home, try not to cut the skin.