"The temperature is too late and dry late autumn, plus the temperature difference between the morning and evening, the changing season, people's resistance will also decline, many people get up in the morning, they may feel the uncomfortable throat. Pear is undoubtedly the most suitable seasonal fruit, one ice sugar stew Pear, not only soft and sweet, more moisturizing the effects of relieving cough. It is the best time to eat pear, there are many pears in the market and supermarkets in sale, common varieties have pears, autumn moon pears, crystal pears, Fengshi pear, Sydney , Crown pear, Yoshan pear. To do stewed pears, choose the right pear, and do the best pears in all pears, so I want to use Sydney to stew. Rock sugar stew is a very classic moisturizing lungs Cough and diet, doing a rock sugar, stewed pear, first put Sydney to nuclear skin. Retaining pear skin is because of the ingredients that can moisturize the lungs in the Sydney in the pear skin, or in the pear skin, so rock sugar stew Pear must take the skin stewed effect. Sweet Sydney is mixed with a rock sugar, and the sweet taste is filled in the kitchen. Stew on the family stewed a rock sugar, let the lungs and cough, have a sweet silk. Let's take a look at this [Stew pear] What is the specific? "


Sign in Sydney 1, accessories Wolfberry1g, 1 piece of rock sugar,


Drink water 30ml, sweet taste, stewing process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Stew pear practice steps

1 First we have to prepare all the materials you need to use: 1 of Sydney, 1 Wolfberry1g, 1 piece of rice sugar, 30ml of drinking water. First clean the Sydney, then cut the Sydney from the top of about 1/4 above with a knife.

2 Next, use a small knife to rotate a circle along the position of the pear nucleation on the cut surface of Sydney, dig out the pear nucleus, pay attention to dug clean, do not dig up the bottom when digging, easy to drain soup.

3 Put your yellow rocks and cleaned Wolfberry together in a small hole of the pear nucleus, then add 30ml of drinking water. You can also add water, because the rock sugar will melt in the process of pears, and it will also exude some moisture.

4 Then then cover the Half pear that before cut it, close together, plug in the toothpick to fix it, prevent dispersion.

5 Add Sydney into the stew, steamer, add a sufficient amount of water to boil, the stew is placed on the steamer, and the fire is steam for 10 minutes, and the fire is slowly stewed for 40 minutes, stewed to Sydney soft. Yes. Take it out to drink the stewed juice, eat the pear.


1, Sydney with skin stewed effect will be better. If you pursue the value, you can cut the pear skin and then steam. If you get the pear nucleus, you can directly put the Sydney into a small piece into the pot to add the appropriate amount. Drink boiled pear water. 2, put it in the stew, steam stew, and keep the original taste, it is better than the taste of cutting the pear to add water. Friends who do not have a water cooker can also put snow pear in a small bowl. 3, you can also add red dates, lily, white fungus, and Chuanbei, etc. in the pear.