"Autumn and winter warm temperature difference, easy to get angry, drink rock sugar, Sydney, silver soup, nourish the lungs, stop coughing."


Ingredients Sydney, 3 jujubes, the right amount of coil sugar, the amount of water, sweet flavor, steam process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Rock sugar Sydney Silver Tang Practice Steps

1 finished picture.

2 finished graph.

3 finished chart.

4 Snow pear surface is cleaned with a little salt water,

5 Dig out the pear nucleus.

6 Don't dig out the hole.

7 Yinti ear is ready for spare.

8 silver ear is placed in the middle of the pear, 3 jujubes, a few rock sugar.

9 Add appropriate amount of water.

10 fires in the pan 15 minutes.

11 finished chart.