Substantly 2 tablespoons of pest potato powder, 2 eggs, 5g of Coconut, 5g, water, etc.


Rock sugar 50g, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Petar potato chrose water practice steps

1 Prepare ingredients: sweet potato powder, earth egg two, rock sugar, coconut.

2 Eggs are scattered, and the sweet potato powder is opened.

Put the appropriate amount of water in 3 pots and boil.

4 After the water is opened, put the rock sugar, cook it.

5 Pour in Pelicar Pink.

6 Express quickly and cook until it is transparent.

7 Pour into the egg liquid.

8 Comfort.

9 Finally put into coconut, no way.

10 is mixed evenly.

11 finished products.Slip tender sweet potato chlorpyrose water, do you have love?