"The weather is cold, the heating has not been supplied. Cold, I have to use electric blankets. Warm and fall warm, but I am getting angry, my throat, my nose is dry. Or I am afraid that I am afraid that I will not be a rock sugar stewed Sydney,I have to make a dried body. It is said that the rock sugar stewed Sydney is the best in this kind of snow pear, the pear of the small hanging pear soup is also this variety. "


Sign in Snowflah Pear, accessories for pure water, Wolfberry,


Sugar candy, sweet taste, steam process, three times, simple difficulty,

Fresh Wolfberry rock sugar stewed snow pear practice steps

1 Wolfberry in our yard, the beauty of the red, the basics of this Wolfberry's fruit is a small sparrow food.

2 Pick a few wash.

3 pears is washed.

4 peeled, cut a cover.

5 dig off the pear nucleus.

6 Put sugar and pure water, put in the pot.

7 cover the cover.

8 fire in water 30 minutes.

9 taken out.

10 Put Wolfberry.

11 finished products.

12 finished products.

13 is so sweet.