"Bitter gourd honey juice, bitter gourd and honey can all clear hot detoxification, acne dressing, weight loss beauty effect. Bitter gourd has the effect of clearing the heat, detoxification, eyesight, Yiqi Yang's effect. Pharmacological analysis in recent years shows that bitter gourdThe bitter melon polypeptide material has a function of rapidly lowering blood glucose, which can prevent and improve diabetes complications, which have the effect of regulating blood lipids and improving immunity. "


Significant bitter gourd 1, excipient honey, pure water is moderate, bitter taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for bitter gourd honey juice

1 bitter gourd wash.

2 cut into pieces.

3 In the broken wall, pour the appropriate amount of pure water.

4 put into juice.

5 Put the right amount of honey and stir well.

6 is so refreshing.

7 is so beautiful.

8 slightly bites.


How much pure water and honey can be added according to ourselves, and it can be filtered.