"Today, a golden weight loss liquid, give it to everyone, pineapple: clearing and detoxifying, diuretic swelling, slimming! Pineapple contains a substance called pineapple 䏓 䏓, it can decompose protein, help digestion, dissolve into tissue Fibrin and blood clots, improve the local blood circulation, dilute blood lipids, eliminate inflammation and edema. Due to cellulose, it can appetize smoothly, contribute to digestive effect! Vitamin B1 contained in pineapple can promote New metabolism, anti-fatigue! Small sisters, try it! "


Ingredients with pineapple TWO, excipient mineral water, fruit taste, fresh process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for slimming pineapple juice

1TWO a cute pineapple ready.

2 Treatment with water was washed with water.

3 Change the knife into small pieces.

4 Put into the juice machine to extract juice.

5 Slowly add, beautiful juice, beautiful juice.

6 瞧 this gratifying color.

7 I can't finish it into the container refrigerator, drink it as soon as possible.

8 Due to the high sugar in pineapple, the proportion of pineapple juice and mineral water 2: 1 is mixed, and the taste is just good.

9 After eating greasy food, there is a cup, super stick.

10 finished graph.


I can't finish it, put it into the container refrigerator and save it, it is not easy to make it, drink as soon as possible! Share delicious, zoom in happiness.