"The weather is very hot, the son is going to eat popsicles, just received the positive and shaped ice-shaped silicone mold, so use the existing ingredients in the home to make a popsicle. The finished product came out, it was stunned, so beautiful. "


Neighbor to red heart dragon fruit, soy milk, accessories popsicle mold 1 set (positive), sour taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulties,

Dragon fruit ice rose steps

1 Prepare the ingredients: a red heart dragon fruit, a box of yogurt.

2 red heart dragon fruit goepsk, cut into a block.

3 Put the cooker.

4 hit the puree.

5 Add yogurt to stir, don't be too uniform.

6 disinfection icon sticks inserts a pot.

7 is then poured into the dragon fruit yogurt mixture, and 9 points can be.

8 Put the refrigerator to freeze, refrigerate, remove it, the mold is gently shock on the table, and you can extract the pops with the bottom of the mold.

9 Dredied SO Easy!

10 beautiful!

11 Is there a temptation to you?

12 hurry up!


1. I like sweet taste, you can add honey or white sugar. 2, the liquid in the popsicle mold should not be too full, and the volume of the frozen will become large.