"In the hot summer, the ice cream is inseparable, and the heat is still refined. It only uses a consistent cuisine to make it easy, simple and healthy and delicious."


Significant red heart dragon fruit, kiwi 2, yogurt 1 box, banana, excipient white sugar, fruit taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for dragon fruit kiwi ice cream

1 dragon fruit peel, banana peel.

2 Slices Add a spoonful of sugar placed in the cooking machine.

3 The mold is placed in a kiwi first.

4 Pour in kiwi fruit.

5 Into the refrigerator.

6 Put the red heart dragon fruit into a mud screen, pour into the mold in the box to freeze about 30 minutes.

7 Pour yogurt and continue to freeze.

8 This model has a cover, which can be frozen.

After 9 freeze, it is directly demolded.

10 dragon fruit yogurt ice cream.

11 kiwi ice cream, delicious is so simple.


Generally, the fruit directly frozen ice cream will have no good taste, and my kiwifruit adds bananas to increase the softness of the taste. And the fire dragon fruit I added some fuelur fruit's skin. The skin of the dragon fruit has viscosity, which will increase the taste of the ice cream, and contain anthocyanins, nutrients cannot be ignored.