Main material low-gluten flour 33g, white sugar 33g, corn oil 20g, milk 20g, eggs 2, Mousse 50g, light cream 100g, milk 50g, fish film 5g, white sugar 10g, milky flavor, roasted craft, number When hour consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice for white chocolate flowers

1 Prepare all materials, proteins, and egg yolk separation to waterless oil.

2 proteins were added three times to add sugar to hit hard foam.

3 egg yolk is added to corn oil and milk, and the mixing of low powder is mixed.

4 protein cream is mixed with egg yolk in three times.

5 Pour into the mold.

6 Oven 160 degrees preheated for 10 minutes, put the mold to 140 degrees to the upper lower layer, under the upper and lower, the fire is taken out to remove the buckle.

7 is hand-molded after cooling.

8 is divided into Two sheets.

9 Press the flower-shaped cake sheet with a flower shape.

10 fish films are soft in cool water.

11 white chocolate insulation water melting.

12 Pour the milk and fish rubber sheets to stir the mixture to completely melt.

13 cool spare.

14 Light cream is added to the white sugar to play a little bit texture.

15 Pour the chocolate milk.

16 Mix is ​​uniform.

17 flowers molded onto the tin paper, the cake sheet is placed at the bottom, pour the chocolate screen liquid in the refrigerator for more than 5 hours or more.

18 Soldup.

19 beautiful.

20 The Mousse Cakes joined in white chocolate taste.