"In the summer, how can you not eat ice cream, now a cherry season, a sweet cherry sour cream, nutrition, not afraid of fat, key cooking machines are getting done, bring your family healthy delicious."


The main amount of cherry, soy milk, accessories, sour taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Cherry yoghurt ice cream

1 All kinds of materials are spare.

2 Put the cherries and bananas into the cooker.

3 mud, screened.

4 Add the cherry effusion in the cake mold.

5 Plug in the pot, first freeze about 30 minutes.

6 In the frozen, it is frozen into the refrigerator.

7 pour the cherry fluid into a circular mold, do TWO species at a time, very simple, refrigerated into the refrigerator.

8 冻 is released, the doll head, cute.

9 There is also a lovely little cat.


The refrigeration time into the refrigerator is better.