"About the yellow peach, the favorite is its fragrance! It's too tempting. Mature to a little soft yellow peach, matching whipped cream and milk, you can make summer summer savings - cream The yellow trowel! The faint aroma, the ice is smooth and smooth, it is really reminiscent! "


Significant oil 250g, five yellow peacha, 100ml, excipient salt 2g, fine sugar 40g, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice for cream yellow peach

1 Cut the top of the TWO yellow peach to cut the small pieces, the remaining yellow and other yellow peaches are large.

2 Put the large yellow peach into the cooker.

3 Add milk and whipped cream.

4 Add fine sugar and salt.

5 Mix and stir into the yellow milk.

6 is hot and sterilized with boiling water and put it into the small piece of yellow peaches.

7 Pour into the yellow peach milk, put it into the refrigerator, and insert the wooden stick after 1 hour, continue to freeze for more than 4 hours.

8 icy delicious cream yellow peach ice sticks!


1. If the milk is sugar, the sugar in the formulation should be appropriately reduced. 2. Yellow peach should choose mature, and the taste is better. 3. Ask the ice cream stick, and can be covered with tin paper. But I am very casual.