"Received the raisins of California, this raisins are full, moderate, found that it is really suitable for Desserts, its sweetness is natural sweet, pure, no added, zero fat, used as a snack, eat, don't worryGriffine. Usually to eat California raisin can be sausage to prevent constipation, long-term consumption can also prevent cardiovascular disease. This watermelon is very simple, and the sweet and delicious watermelon is really delicious.! "


The main amount of watermelon, excipients, orange 1, California raisin, sweet taste, fried process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Raisin watermelon fried ice practice steps

1 Prepare the raisins of watermelon and California

2 watermelon peeled into small pieces into the cupping

3 After stirring into watermelon juice, filter

4 Filter out watermelon juice

5 Prepare the fried ice machine, this mini fried ice machine is frozen one night in advance

6 put watermelon juice down the fried ice machine

7 Constantly stir fry until the boutique

8 Open Sunshine Girl California Raisins

9 Watermelon Sands into the cup, decorate the raisins