"The nearest weather doesn't know why it makes special heat, even the 20 degree Da Daqingdao, which is more than 20 degrees of Da Daqing, every summer, today has broken 35 degrees. For me, the most popular people, the summer's favorite is lazyLazy at home, blowing air conditioning, connecting WiFi, eats watermelon, drinks ice, smashes Wang, watch TV series, this is the right way in summer ~ I want to have good summer, watermelon must notfew!"


Significant watermelon mode, ice cubes, pure water HALF cup, accessories honey, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Watermelon honey ice practice steps

1 watermelon cut small block

2 put into the juicer

3 plus HALF cup pure water

4 watermelon hits the smooth

5 cups plus ice cubes

6 pour a squeezed watermelon juice

7 淋

8 high-quality watermelon honey ice is doing it ~


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