"Just into the summer, I gave my own home to the ice cream, made a cow, crispy skin, mango crispy, lychee raspberry, but especially this delicious, California raisin mango ice cream, the front HALF section is Part of the white, plumber and juice plus the juice of perfume and juice are placed slightly in the light cream, and the taste is delicate and smooth, and the HALF part is used by mango mud and cream, and also transferred to the maple syrup, and the taste is another One. With a lot of raisins of California, this raisins are very soft, the sweetness is just right, or 0 fat 0 cholesterol, eat more dried fruits is very good ~ "


Main material Mango 250 grams, fine sugar 25 grams, California raisins, perfume lemon HALF, accessories maple syrup 1 teaspoon, light cream 200 grams, sweet taste, other processes, hours time, ordinary difficulty,

Mango lime ice cream practice steps

1 ready for materials

2120 grams of cream add 15 grams of fine gravel sugar

3 crowded into the perfume lemon juice

4 put the lemon peleted cut into light cream,

5 Develop to appear textures, can also slow flow state standby

6 molds put in the right amount of California raisins

7 Put the green citroeni oil into the mold with the silk brunette, put the refrigerator to refrigerate HALF hours

8 Mango takes meat into the cooking machine cup, add maple syrup

9 Stir to become a delicate state, the remaining light cream is sent, mix evenly

10 taken the mold, then put a layer of raisins

11 Pour into the mango ice cream paste, put it into the refrigerator to freeze 4-5 hours after demold

12 very delicious

13 finished products