"Guangxi's six-July is the most beautiful fruit category. Litchi is listed, it is big and sweet, and the recent east, Yangmei is also snack. I went a few days ago to buy a few pounds, my family is also just To the TWO box table tennis size, Yangmei, try to do this ice cream, just use the raisins of the California, it is also the best use. The taste is actually very good, the sweetness of lychee juice is also in place, but ignorance I squeeze Yangmei juice I ruined my new Supor Juice machine, didn't go to the nucleus, and after a burst of firecrackers, the filters inside, the big devil was grinded, so parents, don't Pickup Yangmei with the original juice! It is a lesson of blood ... Fortunately, the ice cream is very delicious, I have a tear and have a few. "


Ingredients 200 grams, 100 grams of lychee, 220 grams of light cream, moderate amount of blueberries, raisins, excipient lemon juice, 30 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of lychee Yangmei ice cream

1 ready for ingredients

2 bayberry

3 light cream add fine sugar and lemon juice

4 happen to the texture

5 take a Half whipped cream, peeled out lychee meat

6 mixed whipped cream and lychee meat

7 Prepare the mold, insert into the mold, refrigerated into the refrigerator HALF hours

8 Yangmei juice added a little lemon juice, Dongkui Yangmei is very sweet, so it will not be afraid of acid

9 pour the Yangmei juice in the remaining light cream

10 mix evenly

11 put into the silk flower bag, squeeze into the mold 2/3

12 Put the right amount of blueberry and California raisins

13 满 模

14 put another floor of California raisins

15 Plug in the wooden stick cover the cover, you can put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours

Take it around 16, you can release it.

17 finished product