Main material peach mode, excipient white sugar amount, lemon juice, hand-cutting pie,


The amount of egg yolk, the amount of sesame, the taste of the taste, the baking process, HALF hours, advanced difficulty,

Peach school practice steps

1 peach washed with brine.

2 peeled.

3 cut small pieces.

4 into the pot, drip lemon juice.

5 put the amount of white sugar.Small fire does not stop.

6 slowly stir fry.

7 moisture is less.

8 Pour the water starch and stir well.

9 disc.

10 softened hand scratch cake put peaches.

11 Edge.

12 handcuffs.

13 brushed egg yolk liquid.

14 Springs.

15 Oven 200 degrees preheated, bake for 15 minutes on 200 degrees.

16 is released.

17 cutting blocks.

18 finished graph.