"White chocolate is a chocolate whipped cream with whipped cream, will be more fragrant, it is more likely to shape, no matter how silk is still sandwich, it is a good choice. Golden original cake or brown cocoa cake, white Chocolate sandwich, visually has a hierarchy. This video introduces the production of large water, the production of the harvest, the hair of chocolate cream, the process of making sandwich cream cakes and tips. Coco cake is required to replace 10 grams of powders 10 grams of low-gluten flour, mix the cocoa powder with low-gluten flour, the subsequent steps are exactly the same. "


Cake material low-gluten flour 90 grams, egg (with shell) 390 grams, milk 80 grams, sunflower oil 75 grams, white sugar 65 grams, salt 1 gram, sandwich material white chocolate 80 grams, light cream A80 grams, whipped cream B120 Gram, 12 grams of white sugar, sweet taste, baking process, hourly time, god-level difficulty,

White chocolate cream sandwich cake practice steps

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 The egg yolk is separated, and the protein should have no waterless, and the egg yolk cannot be mixed. 1 g salt was added to the protein, and the refrigerator was frozen. 275 githrum seed oil heated to 90 ° C, poured into another hunted pot, and the temperature was lowered to 90 ° C. 3 Sieve low-gluten flour. 4 Praise the state of stirring until there is no dry powder. Because the flour has been hot, not afraid of starting, the mixing technique is not particular.

31 Pour the milk into the oil paste, for the insurance, the milk can stay 10 grams of mobile. 2 The mixing mix is ​​uniform, and you can see the stick thick. Test a capping temperature, such as below 50 ° C, can be added. 3 is still pumping the batter and egg yolk with a hand, if the batter is too thick, add the remaining milk. 4 The final state of the egg yolk paste is shown.

4 Preheat the oven before you get up and down. Then the protein: 1 Electro-eggbeater is low-speed, and then add 1/3 sugar when the protein is used to present fish eye bubble. 2 Turning high speed, add 1/3 sugar when it is fine bubble to play with a fine bubble. 3 turn high speed, when the protein is hit, add the last 1/3 sugar. 4 Continue to send high-speed, until it feels that you have the resistance to the hair, stop the protein cream manually, then insert the egg head vertically into the protein cream again, the protein frost on the egg head is large.

5 Eggbeal is low-speed, finishing the bubbles for 1 minute, check the state of the protein frost again, and is small bent.

61 Take 1/3 protein frost into the egg yellow paste 2 hand pumping "one" glyphs roughly mixing egghuang paste and protein frost. 3 Hand drawn from the direction of 2 points to 8 o'clock. 4 turns back to the pot center in the direction of 8 o'clock. At the same time, the other hand turns the egg pot. This is the mitigation method.

71 Mixed egg yolk pour into the protein frost. 2 Pumping the sixth step by hand and mix well. 3 Change to the blade is mixed evenly, can't see the white protein frost, the cake paste is completed. 4 Pour the mixed cake poured into the baked oil cloth or oil paper (my baking tray 29 * 35cm), first use the doctor blade to uniformly dispensing the cake, and then scrape the surface.

8 baking trays are placed in the middle layer, and the upper and down fire is about 30 minutes. Grilled to the surface of the golden, the toothpick is inserted into the cake, and there is no bat on the toothpick. The baking tray is released, and the cake is taken out with the oil cloth or oil paper.

9 Cake surface cover a piece of oil, cover the grill, pinch the oil cloth and the oven together.

10 tear the flipped oil to the cake, prevent the air dry, and let it cool.

11 Next to make a chocolate cream sandwich: 1 First put the white chocolate with the light cream A, heat it, so that the chocolate is dissolved, stir even, and then refrigerate for more than 4 hours. 2 Light cream B add 12 grams of white sugar, and send it to a small curved state. It will be more easier to send meum, eggs and lavese oil before you send light cream. If it is Nestle, you can take the ice bag to happen. 3 The chocolate cream after the refrigeration is also sent to the small curved state. 4 Stirring the hair of the chocolate cream and lavender oil uniform.

12 cakes were cut into Twohalf, a HALF wipes a thick white chocolate cream, and then cover another Half on the cream.

13 Pack of sandwich cakes, refrigerated for more than 1 hour.

14 Split 8 small pieces of small size, pay attention to each cutting knife to clean the knife and then cut a knife.

15 Can make a proper decoration, this piece is a white sandwich cake with a cocoa cake.


1. The cake sheet is mainly based on low temperature and slow bakery, the temperature and time are for reference only, and should be adjusted according to their own oven. 2, chocolate cream must be refrigerated before you can send it, you can also pour it into the light cream. 3, white chocolate is more sweet, can reduce the amount of white chocolate according to its own taste.