"Summer in the autumn, the temperature is still very high, don't want to give children too much popsicles, or come to a fruit ice and solve, sweet mango, with a little yogurt, add a little 阿华田!! A little The taste of the wheat, the ultra-tapered Mein Mein Ice, it will not be very ice at room temperature! Super fast hand, remember to put the water you want to eat in advance! "


The main material is 3, yogurt, Ah Huadian crispy, excipients, sour taste, squeezing process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Crisp brittle yogurt mango ice practice steps

There are 3 mangoes in one head, and if it is a big mango, it is almost the same. Clean clean.

2 peeled. Along the nuclear films, the sealing bag is frozen. No need to cut small pieces!

3 to replace the ice cream network, or play the juice machine with ice cream, haha!

4 Frozen mangoes are removed, ready for other materials. Assembled.

5 big diameters, Half mango is directly put, simple and convenient!

6 Directly install a good mang Mein Ice with a cup.

77, super delicate, full of big cups, mix with yogurt, sprinkle a crunchy of Ah Huada.

8 Conditions come to a mint, high-quality yogurt mastulent ice is getting it!

9 will stir it before! Family version of mango wheat vying ~~