"Ginger is a traditional dessert. It is reacted with ginger in ginger and the casein and calcium ions in the milk, so that milk is solidified, and solidified milk can hold up stainless steel spoons. It is like yogurt, like a pudding, its taste There is ginger juice, there is milk in milk, the effect can be cold, can warm the stomach, real diet, the ginger is to succeed, the material is very important. The traditional ginger is used by water milk, because of water milk The protein and cream content are high. However, the milk is not necessarily available, so the milk must choose the protein and cream content, such as the future pasture Juan Juan pure milk. In order to further improve the success rate, I added milk powder. Improve protein and cream content, reduce moisture. It can also be solidified without milk powder, but the milk of milk powder is more thick. "


Main material full fat pure milk 400 ml, old ginger 80 grams, 20 grams of whole fat milk powder,


20 grams of white sugar, sweet taste, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps to catch cold and ginger hitting milk

1 Prepare a large piece of old ginger, 2 boxes of whole fat milk, 20 grams of sugar and 20 grams of all-fat milk powder.

2 Old ginger can not go to the skin, and wipe it into Jiang Rong with a wiger. Ginger is a thermal ingredient, but the skin is the cold TWO complements.

3 Put Jiang Rong out of the ginger juice, I use the hand to extrusion, or you can use the yarn cloth.

4 full fat milk poured into the health pot, add 20 grams of white sugar, 20 grams of all-fat milk powder, stir until the milk powder is completely dissolved.

5 Cook to the milk temperature between 70 ~ 75 ° C.

6 Sweet ginger juice is mixed, and each Shufisi cup is pour in 15 ml ginger juice.

7 Boil the hot milk into the ginger juice from the height.

8 Sealed for 15 minutes, I lid with a plate.

9 Solid, can hold up stainless steel spoons, eat it in time.


1. The ginger in the ginger is reacted with the casein and calcium ions in milk to solidify the milk. 2, the optimum temperature of the ginger protease is 70 ~ 75 ° C, and the milk is preferably heated to this temperature range, and one thermometer can be prepared. 3, ginger juice to stir before rushing into the milk, because the ginger is long, there will be precipitation. 4, milk is high of high cream and protein, adding fat milk powder to increase the content of cream and protein and reduce moisture. 5, ginger protease and casein binding time will be bitter, and eat it as soon as possible.