"Dreamy color is the same, every girl likes, all of which did this look like a high-value explosion, eat delicious and refreshing, super simple, super simple, showing."


Main material white lime powder 30g, Butterfly Tofu Pudding5-8, white sugar 20g, yogurt 200ml, excipient lemon, original taste, burning process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of stars hitting milk

Add 600 grams of water in 1 pot to add sugar (I used xylitol) boil.

2 After adding a butterfly Tofu Pudding, then remove the butterfly to the minute, Tofu Pudding (pregnant women can do the butterfly Tofu pudding), pour the white lime powder and stir even.

3 Pour into the Two bowl, a bowl is squeezed into a few drops of lemon juice, (I specifically check the butterfly Tofu Pudding solution is rich in anthocyanin ... Anthocyanin is under different pH It will show different colors. So the color is deeply white, how much you drop in lemon juice.

4 Put it naturally and then solidified. If you need to eat cold, put the refrigerator and refrigerate, then use a knife to spread into small pieces.

5 The blue into the bottle is first loaded (no such a bottle is the same as the cup, just not take away).

6 Put it in purple.

7 and then pour your yogurt or milk can, look at your favorite taste, you can pack your girlfriend's good friends.

8 So our star empty milk is done, you like friends can make a super simple.