"This mousse is refreshing with strawberry, and the middle layer of the hurricane cake is added, and some other Mousse is a little different. The taste is more real, the cake embryo used here, the mango Music cake embryo is good, the materials are written in the steps of the cake embryo. The baking tray is 32 * 27cm. The following material is a 6-inch mousse. "


Master Strawberry 200g, yogurt 200g, light cream 100g, cake embryo one, accessories Geely Ding 30g, cake embryo eggs 4, edible oil 30, low-gluten flour 40g, corn starch 7g, milk 38, sweet flavor, roasted craft, Time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Strawberry yogus Mousse practice steps

1 Strawberry Washing into the actus, more, more, the finer, the better, add 15 grams of Geely Ding, which is foamed, there is more use, afraid that when it is printed, it is not formed, take 100 grams into the mold. It's better to refrigerate for 10 minutes (this can only use Mousse Circles, so there is no bottom, you can use the plastic film to take the bottom with the rubber band, and then flatten the bottom.).

2 Light cream issued 6 distributions, if the small hand lazy does not send, it is also possible to stir well and mix.

3 yogurt added to the premiscious gelatin septum and mixed Geely Ding completely melted.

4 Then pour 1/3 Mousse to the strawberry paste and mix well is strawberry stuffing.

5 After freezing, take it out with water droplet biscuit mold.

6 is like this, try to find a good angle while pressing, do not move it.

7 Pour into the mold into the refrigerator for a few minutes.

8 The first layer is freeze and take out some strawberry grains (it can not like it).

9 Pour the strawberry mousse and continue to refrigerate.

10 Frozen continues to pick up and pour the yogurt mousse. Repeated this step until the bottom is just placed in the cake embryo, then continue to refrigerate the refrigerator.

11 Frozen for 20 minutes After taking out the plate (I used the cake pad) with a large cake mold (I used the cake gasket) (the action must be light, if you don't have to grasp, you will freeze a few minutes to completely solidify the operation. Can).

12 Then use a hot towel to mold a while or the hair dryer can take it along the mold.

13 So we look good to the delicious strawberry mousse is done.