Ingredients 3, flour 100g, milk 250g, white sugar 30g, corn oil 30g, excipient mango, grape, 2 eggs, fruit taste, baking process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk layer of cantaloupe yogurt

1 First put the flour, milk, white sugar, and the corn oil is uniform, and then add egg to stir well.

2 fruit slices.

3 Sheng a spoon is put into the pan and shake, so that the bottom of the pot is fried.

4 to the bubble, pour it out to cool, and brand it in turn.

5 Take a piece of places and place the fruit slices.

6 Pour in some yogurt.

7 is then laid on a thousand layers of skin, and lay the fruit yogurt in sequence.

8 is done, use the cantaloupe slice to make a decoration.

9 cut.

10 is good.