"Summer is coming! Cool ice cream is coming!"


Ingredients 200g, egg yolk 2, 2 teaspons of lemon juice, 80ml of the accessories, 80g of sugar, 150ml, sweet taste, other processes, three times, simple difficulties,

Practice for cantaloupe ice cream

1 Add egg yolk and sugar to get close to the white state

2 The warm milk is a small amount of sequential to the step 1.

3 Pour the step 2 into the pot and open the small fire, stir it from the bottom and slowly heaten to a thick shape

4 to send light cream to 7% foam

5 Add to step 4, cool and filter the third step, fully mixed, put the refrigerator and refrigerated

6 cantaloupe peeled, cut into pieces, and put into the cuisine in the cuisine

7 Mix the 6 to 5 to mix evenly, you can use the handheld eggbeater, and make a relatively uniform

8 Putting the step 7 in the freezer to refrigerate