"The weather will think about doing a bunch of ice products. In fact, the simplest way is to freeze the washed fruit to press the original machine to compress into a smoothie, super delicious, key 100% fruit!"


Mainly strawberry 250g, excipient granulated sugar 50g, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice step of strawberry smoothie

1 Fresh strawberries bought back

2 is rinsed first, then soak it for 10 minutes with light salt water. After going to Tie, use cold water or pure water.

3 This is a strawberry washed

4 Take a jar to add the appropriate amount of sugar, add a small temperature water to open the gravel

5 After adding a little pure water, soak the strawberries in the sugar water, there is not too much water, just immersed strawberry.

6 Put the soaked strawberry, put it in the fresh bag into the refrigerator for more than 3 hours, remove the freezing strawberry

7 A frozen strawberry is put in from the entrance, don't be a big 坨, the machine is easy to get

8 Start button, strawberry smoothie from the exit of the usual fruit

9 can be enjoyed

10 If you feel less sweet, you can also top the chocolate sauce or maple sugar sauce


1. The frozen strawberry is a one from the entrance. Don't be together, the machine is easy to hold 2. If you feel that you don't feel sweet, you can also hit the chocolate sauce or maple sugar sauce.