"I can do it yourself, don't need any additives, there is no additive, just use natural fruit, whipped cream and sugar, no ice cream machine, it doesn't matter, you eat mellow sweet ice cream, I want to eat as long as I open the refrigerator. ~~ "


Main material mulberry 50 grams, 1 banana, 50 grams of light cream, 1 spoon of fine sugar, 2 spoons of raisins, 2 spoons of milk, sour taste, other crafts, 10 minutes, simple difficulty,

Mulberry banana ice cream practice steps

1 Place the ice cream bucket of the bread machine in the freezer one day in advance. Wash the mulberry and drain the water. Banana peel, add TWO spoon milk, put into the broken wall to make milkshake

2 Mix the whisket, fine sugar and mulberry milk

3 Pour into the ice cream bucket of the bread machine, then put a few full mulberry, start stirring. If there is no ice cream machine, you can add light cream to the sugar, use the chef machine to slow down the flow, mix the mulberry banana mud, put into the fresh box to the refrigerator to freeze one night. There will be no ice, and the taste is very good.

4 After completing, dig out with ice cream, you can eat it. Digging the ball is a technique, I want to dig again and beautiful, I can't make it, I have to dig repeatedly with a plateau, press a few times, the sphere will be real.