"More and more friends like their own ice cream, not only healthy, but don't have to worry about additives, children can also have a good time. It seems simple ice cream, in fact, from making it to eat, you need to wait for a lot of time. However, I believe that everything is worthwhile, this ice cream it is doing today, the taste is comparable to a Das ice cream oh ~ Vanilla with Oreo has always been my most loving taste, you can join a lot of Olio, then not Generally addicted. "


Main material egg yolk 2, fine sugar 50g, milk 50ml, light cream 200ml, exclusive vanilla, Olio, smell, sweet taste, baking process, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for vanilla Oreo ice cream

1 Prepare materials

2 milk is added to the vanilla, you can turn the fire after you can take a small bubble, cover the pot and suffocate a few minutes, make the vanilla

3 egg yolk add white sugar to send, until the color is white

4 Slowly add the cooked milk to the hair of the marble, and quickly stir well with the mixer

5 Pour the liquid in step 4 into the pot, heat to thick

6 pour into the container, let a cool

7 Put the light cream, pour it into the cool egg yolk, add the Orlio powder mix

8 Pour into the container and gently shake, put it in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

9 digging ball


11 is more delicious with fruits.


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