"A plastic tea control can definitely miss the rich ice cream! Simple production, no need to take it in the middle, the finished product is free, delicate, rich and sorry!"


3 ovars, 250 grams of light cream, 80 grams of fine sugar, 20 grams of accessories, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Welcome tangible tea ice cream practice steps

13 egg yolk Add 80 grams of fine gravel sugar

2 eggbeater high speed

3 Hit to the egg liquid ribbons slowly drip

4250 gram cream added 20 grams of tea powder (recommended if bamboo powder)

5 eggbeater low speed to 5, 6 distribution, slow flow

6 Pour the egg yolk into the tea cream

7 mixed evenly cover the plastic film, the refrigerator freezes for more than 5 hours (no need to take it out)

8 rich and delicate, ice-free ice cream, is the favorite dessert of my whole summer! Do you like it?


1, this square is a bit more than the amount of tea powder, because it is a rich, alcoholic taste, so please don't add 2, you must use fresh eggs, this ice cream is an egg yolk production 3, cream only needs to play 5, 6 distribution, because the tea powder will play a viscous effect 4, it is recommended to use the bamboo powder, because the color of the bamboo powder is very green, the finished product is very beautiful!