"Cranberry dry is rich in vitamins C, sour and sweet, add in the ice cream, the taste is very unique, hot summer, can eat the ice cream you made by your own hands, but also a lot of life Things ~~ "


Significant cranberry dried 50 grams, 60 grams of milk, 150 grams of light cream, 15 grams of sugar (add to light cream), excipient egg yolk, 25 grams of sugar (add to egg yolk), other taste, other processes, Time-hour, simple difficulty,

Practices for cranberry cream ice cream

1 Prepare the required materials

2 Pour the milk, cranberry, stir well

3 Taken yolk to add white sugar 25g with hand and mix uniform

4 Pour the cranberry milk juice into the egg paste and mix well

5 Adhered to the small fire with milk pot and stir (carefully paste the pot) to the micro open slightly vice

6 Light cream removes from the refrigerator into the oil-free water-free big bowl, adding sugar 15g to the low speed to send to the obvious texture

7 will pour a cool egg paste into the cream

8 Pour the cream paste into the ice cream bucket to start the IMIX program, 20 to 25 minutes, ice cream production

9 and then dig out with a plate, with strawberries, ice and delicious


1, ice cream bucket to freeze 15 hours or more in minus 15 degrees. 2, I like a little bit of fruit mouth, the drone can put down the whole grain, or like broken, you can cut the row first. 3, I use the PE8500W bread machine IMIX ice cream special procedure