Significant light cream 250g, fine sugar 60g, egg yolk, 150g of milk, accessories, cranber, nuts, sweet taste, skill technology, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of cranberry ice cream

1 egg yolk separated into a small pot

2 Hit to the eggbeater

3 Add milk to stir well

4 Place the cooker in the fire and heat it, while heating the hot edge. Until the egg liquid is slightly thick, you can leave the fire. Put the cooker into cold water.

5 Light cream poured into a large bowl of clean waterless and oil-free oil, add fine sugar to 6-well foaming.

6 Pour the cooled milk into the cream bowl and stir well.

7 Doing a good ice cream insert into the cassette in the refrigerator freezer, and stir it once every Half hour. Stir more than 5 times or more.

8 cranberry and nuts.

9 The last time agitation was taken after 1 hour of freezing, and the cranber and the nut were poured into the box, stir well with a spoon, gently shake it into the refrigerator to continue to freeze.

10 Frozen complete ice cream.

11 Dig with ice cream wounds in a bowl.

12 finished product

13 finished products


When the egg milk is heated, it must be stirred while heating the heating edge, and it can be left from the fire when approximately 80 degrees. The cooked egg has been completely cooled and then poured into the whipped cream. Light cream is sent to 60%, which can be barely flowing. It is necessary to mix with ice cream mouth. The more the amount of mixing, the more delicate, and there is no feeling of iceberg. Stirring is uniform each time it is stirred, and there is no group. It is preferred to add when the last time is stirred, and all the nuts are all sinking.