"Stealing the time, make a cup of low-fat milk, give yourself! Fruit and vegetables in hand come together, come together ..."


INDAE AIRIC A box, Apple, accessories Cucumber Half root, milk flavor, fresh craft, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Apple cucumber milkshake procedure

1 An Mu Xi, cucumber, apple standby.

2 Apple peeled and cucumber with small dies.

3 Pour into the Soybean Milk machine.

4 Ganchi Your milk.

5 Press the Soybean Milk Machine Juice.

6 Pour into the cup.

7 a cup of milkshake, get a little time!Beautiful!


The action is rapid to avoid apple oxidation, fruit and vegetables are free to match, and the milkshake is delicate, which helps absorb!A cup later, great!