"The color is fresh, the milk is rich, plus the unique fine sand mouth of peas, but drink is not greasy"


Main material green peas, pure milk moderate amount, accessories sugar powder mode, milk flavor, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Pea milkshake practice steps

1 frozen peas, warm water, open.

2 Peel the outer casing.

3 Heat pure milk.

4 cook a roll.

5 peas into the mixer, appropriate amount of sugar powder, pull into the right amount of boiled peas, and the milk will be tired.

6 pure milk.

7 is a delicate peas.

8 finished products.

9 finished products.


Slightly stop for a while, the bubble will disappear, and the visual mouth will feel more delicate.(The child is going to class, I will immediately take a photo.