"The rose is relieved, the red bean is supplemented by the branches, the two and the milk are made into a rice paste, the smell is fragrant, easy to absorb. Health is also an important part of the skin care, and the foreign adjustment will be able to create a water spirit woman. "


Animated red bean 4 spoons, 6 dried roses, excipient brown sugar, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of rose red bean milkshake

1 The right amount of red bean head is foamed.

2 Corat is cooked, but not flowering.

3 brown sugar 3 tablespoons.

4 pure milk.

56 roses dried flowers, take their pointers, crushing ready.

6-half hot milk pouring mixer.

73 cooked red beans, rose gaps.

8 hit delicate.

9 pour into the cup.

10 finished products.

11 finished products.


Chinese medicine believes that roses will be slightly bitter, tempered, and the most obvious effect is reasonable, and blood circulation and dud and endache pain. In addition, the pharmacy of roses is very moderate, which can warm people's heart and blood veins, sole into the body, and actually calm, appease, anti-depression. Rose tea can reduce the gas, nourishing yin, conditioning blood, promoting blood circulation, beauty beauty, and eliminating fatigue, healing injury, protecting liver gastrointestinal function, long-term drinking also helps to promote metabolism. [4] Special taboos 1, rose tea has a convergence, and constipation is not suitable for drinking. 2, rose blood circulation is stronger, and too many people with too much menstrual amount should not drink during menstruation. 3, stomach cold, diarrhea, often feel tired, body weaknesses should not take it.