"The taste is delicate, the smooth is not greasy. Mango fragrance, take some sour, good drink"


Main material mountain medicine, Taishang HALF, excipient sugar powder mode, mineral water is appropriate, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Mangxiang Mountain Milkshaldion Practice Steps

1 Suthered sections of yam steamed.

2 Put it hot into the mixer.

3 Table Half.

4 dig into the mixer with a spoon.

5 moderate amount of mineral boiling water, sugar powder, and make a fine milk.

6 finished products.

7 finished products.

8 finished products.Finished product.


With your drink, it is not recommended to store it for a long time.Although it is Mangxiang Mountain Milkshake, take its shape, no milk, and more refreshing.These days of various milk milkshakes are somewhat tattoos.The milk is stirred, and it is easy to thicken.