"I have never really liked to eat fruit, but I like to drink soup water and water. I haven't eaten the oranges before I haven't eaten. The weather is warm, it is a good time for juicing machines (no need to squeeze again.The juice machine also went wrong). "


Ingredients with 1 banana, 1 orange (or HALF), 1 bottle of raise, excipient water, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulties,

Banana orange juicy utility steps

1 Ready, bananas, oranges, and one of you.

2 Put the banana, the orange cut into the juicer, join the music.Add appropriate amount of cool water (cool water, you can add anything).I didn't think of a recipe before, and this link did not take a photo.

3 Add a lot of mouthfuls of sourness and sweet, much better than the cooling water before it is better, and will not drink the taste of banana.

4 Adding a happy music is also beneficial to digestion.Hyper level!