"Recently, the weather is warm, suddenly fascinated with juice, just that the red papaya bought last night did not finish it, then did the fruit juice. I saw that use milk powder to do milkshake, today I will try it."


Main material mahogan, 1 banana, milk powder mode, accessories cool water, sweet flavor, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Banana papaya milkshake procedure

1 Prepare the required ingredients.

2 milk powder is added to cool the water.

3 banana slices, pawlp, adjust the milk into the juicer together.

4 Launcher is pushing juice, I like it more than a while.The red papaya made a little more, playing out, parents just put a few papaya.


If you like it, you will add more fruit less and add milk. If you like to be rare, you will add less fruit.I can add some honey to the honey, but I like to drink the taste of drinking, and delicious.