"My house is home to sell drinks and cold drinks. The winter business is very depressed, and now I started to get rid of the fire. There are several new products written on the door. Generally, there are small children, it is his home. Major consumer group. It will be seen every day. This pink milkshake sign is in front of the store. So I also entered a cup of a cup. 15 yuan a cup is estimated to have 200 ml. Look in the hand in the hand. Sour, full of sweetness, it is really good. Slowly taste the side and service life, the material is yogurt and juice. Also go home to do it. Especially this color is really a burst. This pink The earlier in summer, the girls' favorite colors. "


Mainly added yogurt 400, strawberry 200, accessories honey, pure water 200, milk flavor, skill technology, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pink milkshake practice steps

1 Ready to wash the clean strawberry, it is best to use water to foam for a while, yogurt is the constant temperature of the refrigerator made by their own.

2 Strawberry is washed out later, remove the cuts, don't cut a few knives, actually, I can cut.

3 put strawberries into the cuisine cup, add enough yogurt and a spoonful of honey, if you like to eat sweet, you can add two spoons of honey or add sugar.

4 plus 100 ml of pure water, this is not too strong, if you like to eat, you can don't add water, you can master it.

5 Cover the vacuum cup cover, screenshot power supply, open the vacuum juice file. There will be a prompt.

6 Sweet drink afternoon tea partner milkshake, do it. Can be enjoyed slowly.

7 sharing summer style,

8 sharing summer style


I don't add water or less water.