"I heard that black things especially nutritious. So this time this Soybean Milk I used black rice and black beans. Black rice claimed" Black Pearl ", or the king of the world, rich in nutrients. The black bean protein is extremely high, and there isReduce the simple role in the blood. Think about the match of this TWO, feel perfect. And the good Soybean Milk is a super beautiful deep purple, very charming. "


Main material dry black beans 10g, black rice 10g, square candy 1, accessories pure water mode, other taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Black rice black beans Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Prepare all materials, clean the black beans and black rice.

2 In addition to pure water, all materials are poured into the Jiuyang Ksolosoybean Milk.

3 Roller Cup remembers placing the position.

4 tanks are pure water, and the Soybean Milk is started in grain mode.

The 5SOYBEAN MILK machine began to stir.

After 610 minutes, the super-drink black rice black bean Soybean Milk is doing it.

7 At this time, take the rushing cup and pull out the water supply box.Let the Soybean MILK machine complete the cleaning work.