"Peanut rice and soybeans, plus jujube, a nutritious Soybean Milk, breakfast, a cup, simple production, delicate taste, all are good!"


Ingredients 50g, peanut 30g, excipient jujube, cheapest, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Huang Tofu Pudding Soybean Milk Practice Steps

1 Preparation of materials.

2 peanuts, soy is washed, and the jujube washed.

3 Put the peanuts, soy, rock sugar and jujube into the Soybean Milk.

4 Add water to the upper and lower water level.

5 Select the grain function key to start making it.

6 automatic production completion

7 Pour into the container.OK!Alien.


The proportion of ingredients is not fixed, add it to yourself.