"Smooth is delicate, beautiful, sweet, rich in nutrients."


The main honey potato is 4, the yam 2, 1 peanut, 1 excipient oatmeal, rock sugar 5 capsules, sweet taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Potato pestic peanut pattern step

1 cotoba pegs small dies.

2 Yamder peeled small Ding.

3 Peanut wash.

4 Guigi, ready to eat oatmeal.

5 rock sugar 5 capsules.

6 All ingredients break the wall.

71200ml water, select the strong Soybean Milk function, and start the start button.

8 thirty minutes, the smooth and delicate color is complete.

9 finished products.

10 finished products.

11 finished products.