"Soy yogurt is a raw material with soybeans, fresh milk, white sugar, and adds appropriate yogurt powder, which is made of acidity, texture and flavor, which can be compared with the acidity, texture, and flavor of fermentation at a suitable temperature. Digestion, nutritious high protein, low-fat nutrition and health drink. It has yogurt unique sweetness, and Soybean Milk fragrance, which has a health care effect of prolonged benefit to prevent aging. "


Ingredients 50 grams, 1000 ml of water, 300 grams of pure milk, 70 grams of white sugar, 1 gram of coated yogurt, sour taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Soy to yogurt practice steps

After washing 150 grams of yellow beans, add 1000 milliliters of water, and be used to be Soybean Milk with a broken cassette, and 70 grams of white sugar seasoning was added.

2 Cap 700 grams of Soybean Milk, cool to the state of not hot.

3 Add 300 grams of pure milk to the cooling Soybean Milk.

4 Add 1 gram yoghurt fermented powder.

5 Gently stir it in the same direction in a spoon to allow the fermentation powder to be evenly distributed into the mixture.

6 Add yogurt machine, warm water bath, fermented 8 hours.

7 After the fermentation is completed, you can eat it. After the refrigeration, the taste is better.


Do a good job in yogurt, please eat as soon as possible, the best taste is 3 days.