"Black sesame is rich in high-quality protein and rich minerals, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and precious sesameins and melanins. It has" liver and kidney, nourishing five internal organs, beneficial blood, moisture ", etc. Efficacy, is considered nourishing holy products. Yogurt is a milk product which is raw milk, adding a beneficial bacteria (fermented agent), and fermented. It not only retains all the advantages of milk, but also more suitable for human health care. This black sesame acid has a good calcium supplement, especially suitable for pregnant women and children. "


Main material pure milk 500 ml, black sesame powder 20 grams, 30 grams of fine sugar, 1 gram of coated yogurt, sour taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Memorated steps

1 Glass container is disinfected with boiling water, and 500 ml of pure milk is loaded.

2 Add 1 gram yogurt to ferment powder.

3 Gently stir well in the same direction.

4 Put the yogurt machine, and the warm water bath is fermented for 8 hours.

5 Fayed in the fermentation, add fine sugar, mix well, mix into the refrigerator and fuse 4 hours or more.

6 black sesame fried cooked powder, add it into yogurt.

7 can be consumed evenly.


If the black sesame is a living, you need a small fire to be fried. After cooling, use the cuisine to make a powder, mix it into your yogurt when you eat.